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New Researchers

Achieving Outcomes in Complex Public Sector Environments: the Contributions of Complex Adaptive Systems Theory PDF
Max French
Crisis what crisis? Exploring attitudes and assumptions to the commercialisation of housing association governance and payment of board members PDF
Bruce Moore
Co-production of public services: a systematic review PDF
Vivian Xuan Tu
Tanja Holmegaard Bjørn
The values of top civil servants and cutback management PDF
Eduard Schmidt
Is performance audit a tool in improving public management? Study on the 28 Member States of the European Union PDF
Roxana Moldovan
Service delivery forms and cost efficiency in Spanish local government PDF
Gemma Pérez-López, Diego Prior, José Luis Zafra-Gómez
What is the Role of Leader in Organizational Effectiveness?
Luiz Henrique Machado
On track or Derailed: The Role of State-Owned Enterprises in Partly Marketized Public Service Delivery. Lessons from Passenger Rail in Denmark and Sweden. PDF
Lene Tolstrup Christensen
The use of performance information in the planning and budgeting process: evidence from Indonesian Budget Actors PDF
Teguh Widodo
Learning in inter-organizational networks
Martina Dal Molin, Deborah Agostino
Athens ‘new poverty’ paradigm during the recent crisis PDF
Maria Petraki
A case study of the Total Place initiative in Scotland: Accounting for risk PDF
Paula Sonja Karlsson
Getting crisis lessons implemented: The Dutch Food and Consumer Safety Authority’s response to veterinary crises evaluations PDF
Wout Broekema
How to make the Living Lab “live”? – a case study from Northern France PDF
Marta Caccamo
Silencing Business Interest in Public Policy Making: Poultry Processing and Alabama Immigration Politics PDF
Eli Jamison
Collective Action, Democratic Governance and Social Accountability in the construction of Sustainable Cities: a multiple case study in three Brazilian cities.
Jeferson Dahmer
Using informal networks as a resilience strategy to achieve health policy implementation in Ghana PDF
Gina Teddy
Bargaining power, Management Control and Sustainability of Public-Private Joint Ventures PDF
Martina Santandrea
Engaging Contradictions: Enacting Participation and Exclusion through Community-based Policymaking in Southern California PDF
Victoria Lowerson Bredow
Participatory budgeting in the new democracy. The case of Estonia
Jelizaveta Krenjova
Assessing the impact of coproduction models in Greek local government: between cultural limitations and governance innovation
Exploring Alternative to the Multilingual Regime in the European Union
Marco Civico
Economizing & Transforming European Defence Institutions: the case of the French Ministère de la Défense PDF
Jean-Charles Buttolo
Financial Ratios to Predict Financial Distress in Nonprofit Organizations
Suzette Myser
Policy-making 'fast' and 'slow': Incorporating real thinking into modern policy-making
Sumedh Rao
National infrastructure systems: adjustment and development in mature sectors across privatisation
Katherine Lovell
The industry of crisis management: deconstructing the role of the policy expert in Australia’s Indigenous domain
Thomas Michel

Mapping the Purple Zone: Performance-based Public Management and the Interface between Politicians and Public Servants

Politicians and Performance Management Systems: Comparing Government and Opposition Engagement Strategies in Australia and Italy
Michael Di Francesco, Alessandro Spano
Broken Performance Frameworks: The Australian Case in Comparative Perspective
John Halligan
Mixed roles and responsibilities in Finnish ministries
Liisa Heinämäki
Politicization in the context of the Canadian public service
Lori Beth Turnbull, Robert Shepherd, Christopher Stoney
A ‘fine line’: Examining the delicate Relationship between Political and Bureaucratic Heads in Public Sector Management in Ghana PDF
Kwaku Ofosu-Adarkwa, FRANK KWAKU OHEMENG
The influence of political support on the robustness of performance mesurement systems in Australia PDF
Graham John Smith
The Purple Zone and the undermined design of the performance-based system in a Brazilian Municipality PDF
Andre Carlos Busanelli de Aquino, Lydia de Oliveira Reis
Measuring Performance in the Purple Zone: Popularly elected full-term mayors versus those elected annually from their peers
John Martin

Contemporary Leadership Issues: Managing People, Change and Innovation

Fostering innovation in public organizations: analyzing the role of team-level leadership PDF
Stephan Dorsman, Lars Tummers, Marcel Thaens
Taking Leader and Employee Reports Seriously: Exploring the Relationship Between Transformational Leadership and Job Satisfaction with Polynomial Regression and Response Surface Analysis PDF
Ulrich Thy Jensen, Christian Bøtcher Jacobsen
Networks, networking and public sector innovation capacity PDF
Jenny M Lewis, Lykke Margot Ricard
Outward looking, well informed? Manager’s external network and their responsiveness to socio-economic challenges PDF
Sanne Grotenbreg, Erik-Hans Klijn
The Relationship Between Transformational Leadership and Internal Communication – Identifying Contextual Conditions PDF
Heidi Houlberg Salomonsen, Christian Bøtcher Jacobsen
Middle Managers as Change Leaders in Government Reform: Experiences of Change and its Impact on Behaviors PDF
Malcolm Higgs, Ben Kuipers, Bram Steijn, Lars Tummers
Moving forward by looking backwards: Using manager transitions to analyze the effects of management PDF
Maria Falk Mikkelsen
The influence of leadership on creativity of employees: A systematic review of survey and experimental studies PDF
Lars Tummers, Peter Kruyen
Leadership, motivation and span of control: A qualitative multi-level study of transformational leadership and public service motivation in organizations with different numbers of employees per leader PDF
Lotte Bøgh Andersen, Bente Bjørnholt, Louise Ladegaard Bro, Christina Holm-Petersen
Leadership in ‘leaderless’ collaborations: implications for followership and accountability
Alessandro Sancino, George Kominis, Alvise Favotto, Adina Dudau
E-leadership: New Skills, Knowledge, and Approaches for Public Managers
Montgomery van Wart
Mountains of the mind: Leadership in a perfect storm
Jean Hartley
The cut-build paradox: a role for authentic leadership PDF
Robert McLeay Thompson, Maree Armansin
Leadership, innovation and networks: The relationship between innovation perceptions and networking behavior PDF
Joris van der Voet, Tamyko Ysa, Mila Gascó, Adrià Albareda
Antecedents of leadership behavior in the public sector - The impact of supervisors' interest and expectations as well as co-workers' leadership behavior PDF
Dominik Vogel
Between substitutes of leadership and leadership on demand: First results from case studies in local government organizations in Germany and Lithuania PDF
Irma Rybnikova, Rita Toleikienė, Diana Šaparnienė, Rainhart Lang
Leading Contested Sensemaking in Public Arenas: Contemporary Challenges for Politicians PDF
Annette Stansfield, Jean Hartley
A Qualitative Study of Distributed Leadership in Organizational Change Processes PDF
Anne Mette Kjeldsen, Maria Shubhra Ovesen
Ethical leadership and unethical behavior in the Chinese public sector
Gary Schwarz, Alexander Newman, Belinda Allen
The renewed role of public managers: some evidence from Italy
Benedetta Bellò, Alessandro Spano

The Future of Public Professionals: Redefinition, Re-invention, or Revolution?

Professional capacity - Positive coping by professionals in public domains PDF
Mirko Noordegraaf, Nina Van Loon, Madelon Heerema, Marit Weggemans
The contingent legitimacy of professional-managerial hybrids: towards a relational sociology of hybridisation PDF
Justin Waring
Robust routines. The routinization of standardized work procedures in health care PDF
Marlot Kuiper
Changing the performance conversation; Similarities and differences in discussion about the performance of different professional organizations PDF
Scott Douglas, Mirko Noordegraaf
The effect of coping on job performance PDF
Lars Tummers
Federico Lega, Matilde Rosso, Anna Prenestini
The challenge of clinical engagement in the healthcare organizations: significance and perceptions between clinicians in Italian NHS
Anna Prenestini, Roberto Grilli, Federico Lega
Replacing Care; Carving out New Professional Roles in Hospital Care PDF
Maarten Janssen, Antoinette De Bont
“Wiring in” New Professional Roles in Hospital Care: A Comparative Study of the Introduction of New Professional Roles in Europe PDF
Iris Wallenburg, Antoinette de Bont
Unsettling professional boundaries? The role of boundary infrastructures in inter- professional collaboration PDF
Lieke Oldenhof
Reconfiguration of public professionalism: the case of Dutch welfare services
Thomas Kampen, Evelien Tonkens
The forgotten professional. Roles of professionals in creating public value in collaborative networks PDF
Karin Geuijen

The 21st Century Public Servant: Evolution or Revolution?

The Twenty-First Century Public Servant: three dilemmas of public and private
Catherine Needham, Catherine Mangan
New Street-Level Bureaucrats? Comparing Teachers in Traditional Public and Quasi-Public Schools PDF
Zachary Oberfield
Inherent tensions in public service delivery in simultaneously complex and conflictuous contexts: trust, dialogue and intrinsic motivation PDF
Frédérique Six, Katinka Lunnemann, Duco Bannink
The indeterminate bureaucratic encounter: How do bureaucrats deal with uncertainties in their interactions with citizens? PDF
Nadine Raaphorst
Imagining the Australian public servant of the future: the roles, skills and capabilities required in a hybrid public service
Helen Dickinson, Helen Sullivan
Iestyn Williams, Martin Powell
Emotional Labor: A Summary of Research and Overview of New Issues
Sharon Mastracci
Challenging the dichotomy of Management and Civil Service: an institutional analysis of Swedish public administration PDF
Tom S. Karlsson

Public Workforce Challenges: Changing Demographics and Beyond (SIG Public Servants at Work)

Who Delivers the Service? Gender, Education and Ethnicity at Australia’s Employment Services Frontline
Siobhan O'Sullivan, Mark Considine, Phuc Nguyen
New funding reforms, but what about the workforce! The challenges of staffing the community sector
Linda Colley
Public sector international project work as an environment of diversity construction: Addressing workforce challenges PDF
Ville Kivivirta, Antti Syväjärvi, Jaana Leinonen
Rona S Beattie, Linda Colley, Jennifer Waterhouse
Building Fortress Britain – who’s watching within the walls? An investigation into the ‘Insider’ Threat and the role of Personnel Security
Rona S Beattie, David Bamaung

Organizational Socialization in Public Organizations: Learning the Ropes in Complex Times

How do learning moments influence the organizational socialization of Dutch veterinarian inspectors? A qualitative longitudinal study PDF
Daphne van Kleef, Carina Schott, Trui Steen
Resocialization of Managers: A Social Network Study of Managerial Role Transitions PDF
Hyun Hee Park, Deneen Hatmaker
Learning From Culture: Exploring the Socialization Process in Public Sector Organisation in Pakistan
Sammar Abbas, Manuela Nocker, Zeeshan Zaib Khattak
Organizational socialization in public administration research: A systematic review and directions for future research PDF
Stéphane MOYSON

Public Service Motivation

A bigger piece of the pie: PSM and Leadership as factors underlying civil servants’ preference for budgetary expansion PDF
Jesse Campbell
In the Face of Failure: The Persistence of Pro-Social Motivations under Conditions of Negative Feedback PDF
William G Resh, John D Marvel
Public Service Motivation and Participation in Distributed Leadership - A panel study during organizational change processes
Anne Mette Kjeldsen
What’s in it for others? The relationship between pro-social motivation and commitment to change among health care professionals PDF
Joris van der Voet, Bram Steijn, Ben Stanley Kuipers
Construct validity of public service motivation in four public sub-sectors: multi-group analyses with civil servants, teachers, police officers and nurses to assess the scope of the theory
Wouter Vandenabeele, David Coursey
The Relevance of Person-Environment Fit for the Relationship between Work Motives and Job-Related Attitudes
David J Houston
A Policy-Capturing Investigation of the Possible Effects of Public Service Motivation on Decisions to Work for Chinese Governments
Bangcheng Liu, Jing Sheng
Why PSM changes over time: A longitudinal study assessing the impact of ‘reality shock’
Carina Schott, Daphne Kleef, Trui Steen
Measuring Public Service Motivation in Iraq PDF
Dhirgham Alobaydi, Bonnie Johnson
The Role of Perceived Corporate Social Responsibility in Moderating the Relationship Between Public Service Motivation and Employee Outcomes.
Dermot McCarthy, Phyllis Allexander
DO GOOD CITIZENS MAKE GOOD PRO-ENVIRONMENTAL ACTIVISTS? An examination of the relationship between non-electoral political behavior and pro-environmental behavior
Jeannette Taylor
A panel study of the relationship between PSM and performance: the influence of organizational change in the police PDF
Nina Mari van Loon
Continuous Change, Public Service Motivation and Taking Charge Behavior: A Multi-Level Study in the German State Police
Julia Brockmann, Fabian Homberg, Rick Vogel
Antecedents of Public Service Motivation in an Italian Context: An analysis of hospital employees
Danila Scarozza, Alessandro Hinna, Fabian Homberg
A Longitudinal Examination of Organisational Antecedents of PSM PDF
Julian Seymour Gould-Williams, Paul Bottomley, Ahmed Mostafa
Public Service Motivation and Work Intensification: Testing a Job-Demands-Resource Model PDF
Adrian Ritz, Kerstin Alfes
The agreeable bureaucrat: Personality and public service motivation
Madinah F. Hamidullah, Gregg G. Van Ryzin, Huafang Li
Public Service Motivation: Three Problems Hampering Theoretical Development and Empirical Research
Gene A. Brewer
PSM and paternalism PDF
Lene Holm Pedersen
Neuropsychology, Neuroeconomics, and Motivation: How Neuroscience Can Inform Public Service Motivation Research
Elizabeth Maureen Sassler

Public Management Education and Training

Using Technology Enhancements and Facilitation to Bring Cases "To Life"
Jodi Sandfort
Kent Weaver
Integrating Theory and Practice in Case Teaching
Poul Erik Mouritzen
Praxis and Pedagogy: Where Teaching Case Studies Work in Public Administration
Andrew Graham
Training Public Servants: Toward An Appropriate Pedagogy for Mid-Career Public Servants PDF
Ken Rasmussen
Individual career strategies in mobility between public and private sectors: A comparative study PDF
Marton Gellen, Hiroko Kudo
Swimming or Drowning: middle management experiences in the public service
Deborah Ann Blackman, Fiona Buick, Denise Faifua, Michael Forsyth, Michael O’Donnell
The Legacy of the Scholar Practitionner PDF
Michael O'Neill, John Wilkins
Shaping the future of Public Administration Education: Enabling Professionals to Think Critically PDF
Ricardo Gomes, Greg Streib
Public Management Training for Sustainable Public Sector Reform: How evaluation affects training cycle PDF
Hiroko Kudo, Vincenzo Zarone
Redesigning an economics course to achieve more reflexivity PDF
Peter Marks
Ethics Education in Public Administration: Systematic Cultivation of Ethical Thinking and Moral Development using Case Study as a Pedagogical Method
Celia Lee, Cindy Tan
Interactive education in public administration: The role of teaching ‘objects’
John Alford

Achieving Public Service Performance in a Complex Environment (SIG on Public Servants at Work)

How Does Human Resource Management (HRM) Affect the Performance of Subnational Governments in Colombia?
Pablo Sanabria, Sebastian Estrada
Improving Productivity through Performance Management in Public Sector Organizations in Ghana: The Perspective of Change Management PDF
Elizabeth Cornelia Annan-Prah, Frank K. Ohemeng
The Business of Leading Change in Business Schools – the Dean’s role
John E Wilson, Rona S Beattie, Paul Iles, John Peters
The Effect of Public Servants’ Moral Character on Job Performance in China: Moderating Effect of Work Ability PDF
Jixia Mei
Comparing the impact of management on US and Australian police officer’s on performance
Yvonne Brunetto, Teo Stephen, Rod Farr-Wharton, Kate Shacklock
Performance measurement model formation and evaluation: the case of Lithuanian public sector
Ruta Kloviene
Performance Management, Employee Satisfaction and Organization Performance: Theory and Evidence from the US PDF
Shlomo Mizrahi
Senior Executive Service: performance solution or a new governance problem?
Linda Colley, Brian Head
Consequences of strategic management models in the public sector – new demands on the public servants at work PDF
Fredrik Svardsten, Linda Höglund
The Determinates of Human Resource Management Outcomes: A Meta-Regression Analysis
Richard M. Walker, Gong-Rok Kim
The Performance Assessment and Its Legitimacy Among Colombian Public Officials. An Incentive to Better Performance?
Pablo Sanabria, Alejandra Rodas
PRP in public sector organizations. A survey of Italian Local Governments
Alessandro Spano, Patrizio Monfardini, Benedetta Bellò
The Logic of Target Setting: Case of Ambulance Performance Management System
Prof. Paresh Wankhade

Compassion in Public Sector Organisations: A New Approach or a Local Concern?

The Emotional Labour of Nursing
Yvonne Sawbridge
Compassion, Emotional Labor, and Public Service in the United States PDF
Sharon Mastracci
Individual and organisational dynamics of emotional labour in nursing
Antje Lindenmeyer
Compassion in health care in England: an examination of the policy context
Alistair Hewison

Special Interest Group in Local Governance (LG-SIG)

Political theory of local government: How the ‘long view’ informs contemporary processes of ideology and reform.
Bligh Grant
The White Paper on Reform of the Australian Federation: Implications for Local Government
John Martin
Local Leaders and the Implementation of Local Government Reforms
Reto Steiner, Claire Kaiser
Dutch Decentralisation Measures: Expectations at the Municipal Level PDF
Caspar Van Den Berg, Jan Porth
The hollowing out of local self-government in Sweden? PDF
Stig Montin, Mikael Granberg
Is the propensity of local government to reform dependent on its local autonomy? Evidences from Switzerland PDF
Nicolas Keuffer
Bridging the Interface between Globalization and Local Strategic Management: Bridging the Interface between Globalization and Local Strategic Management: Mid-Sized Cities and the Crisis of Industrial Restructuring PDF
Charles Conteh
Austerity management strategies in Italian metropolitan cities
Lucio Dicorato, Denita Cepiku, Filippo Giordano
Planning reforms, valuation cultures and the changing practices of local governance
Emma Street
Citizen participation in local planning process in Nepal: Does participation contribute to strengthening local planning and accountability systems? A case study of Godamchaur and Irkhu Village Development Committees
Ganesh Prasad Pandeya
Effects of PB on organizational and managerial practices in LGs in Estonia: the case of Tartu PDF
Jelizaveta Krenjova, Kristina Reinsalu
Incidence of social accountability in local governance: the case of the Network for Fair, Democratic and Sustainable Cities and Territories in Latin American cities
Paula Chies Schommer, Andres Hernandez Quinones, Armindo dos Santos de Sousa Teodósio, Pamela Del Valle Cáceres
Territorial Governance in Public Policy: The Territories of Citizenship Programme in Brazil
Talita Hernandes Borges, Zilma Borges Souza
Projects of Public Governance to Regional Development and Social Innovation in a Brazilian Local Government: true or false? PDF
Taisa Dias, Maria Carolina Martinez Andion, Alketa Peci

Diversity in Local Government: Where are we up to?

Impact of belonging to ethnic minority or majority on organisational culture of local government PDF
Aet Kiisla
The Hidden Worlds of Work: Indigenous Employment Policymaking in Australia and a case study from the Northern Territory’s 2008 local government reform PDF
Thomas Michel
Diversity in local government: how far have we come, and how much further do we have to go?
Alex Lawrie
Form follows function: relationships between historically embedded power and changing functions of local government
Roberta Ryan
Local Government Strategy and Racial Inequality PDF
Lauren Hamilton Edwards
Workforce ageing: Can local government lead the way?
Bligh Grant

Changing Leadership in Local Government

Political leadership in changing local governance - The open arena experiences of local political leaders
Jaana Leinonen, Antti Syväjärvi, Ville Kivivirta
New Generation of Municipal Leaders – The current state and future of municipal leadership and management from the perspective of young municipal leaders PDF
Henna Paananen
Community and democratic leadership: balancing the tension in local government
Roberta Ryan
Changing Leadership in Local Government: Preparing a Futures Paper for City Development.
John Martin
National media attention for local accountability processes: heightened consequences?
Harmen Binnema, Sandra Jacobs
Shaping the future – Re-invention or Revolution: Local government leadership and management in New Zealand/Aotearoa.
Andy Asquith, Andrew Cardow
Regional cooperation in the information age: do the railway tracks meet at the horizon?
Michel Linnenbank, Franciscus Jorna
Interactive governance, or counteractive? Summing up lessons learned about representative and participatory democracy PDF
Asbjørn Røiseland, Signy Irene Vabo
Challenged or championed by local political leadership? The democratic anchorage of local governance networks in Kortrijk (Belgium). PDF
Sander Van Parijs

Sustaining Entrepreneurship: Challenges in Local and Regional Development policies

José G Vargas-Hernández
Energy, an Economic Development Policy and Managerial Flow
Yvonne Brunetto, Rodney Farr-Wharton, Ben Farr-Wharton
Entrepreneurial development: Creating and implementing an effective innovation policy (a Local Government Authority case)
Stephen Kelly, Jennifer Scott, Jakob Trischler, Natalie Wojtarowicz
Urban high streets and temporary uses: turning the tide
Alex Lawrie
Why Governments should sustain impact investing as a driver of innovation and development?
Veronica Vecchi, niccolò cusumano, manuela brusoni, Francesca Casalini
Reciprocity as Central Element of the Economy of the Organic Production
Daniel Moraes Pinheiro, Danilo Melo, Gabriel de Mello Vianna Siqueira
Attempts to integrate public policies in contemporary Brazil – federal coordination, intersectoral and territorial dimension PDF
Gabriela Spanghero Lotta, Arilson Favareto
Creating an entrepreneurial ecosystem within the Smart City framework. The strategic relevance of public property valorisation
Carlo Vermiglio, Domenico Nicolò
Productive networks and collective entrepreneurship - new forms of organization and empowerment in local government in Brazil PDF Untitled
Zilma Borges de Souza
The intangible cultural heritage as a relational good: possibilities from the civil economy approach
Mauricio Serafim, Jorge Braun, Daniel Pinheiro

Local Governance in Commonwealth Countries: Exploring Similarities and Differences in a Post-Development Framework

Are Informal Spaces the Bane of Developmental Local Government? PDF
Eris Dawn Schoburgh
Abstract Nigerian Local Government System and Governance: Lessons, Prospects and Challenges for Post 2015 Development Goals PDF
Muhammad Kabir Isa
Yvette Bettini
Persistent Accountability Gap in the Financing of Local Public and Socio-Economic Development Services in a Post Development Era
Philip Duku Osei
Sonia D. Gatchair

Special Interest Group on the Third Sector

State – third sector partnerships: a short overview of key issues in the debate
Ingo Bode, Taco Brandsen
The New Intersections of Philanthropy, the Third Sector and Public Policy: Revealed, Reinvented, Revolutionized?
Susan D. Phillips, Steven Rathgeb Smith
Volunteering through governments as a governmental technique: capturing its social-political significance
Els De Waele, Lesley Hustinx
After Big Society: changing state and third sector relations in the UK PDF
Peter Alcock
What do We Know about Government-Nonprofit Collaboration? A Comprehensive Systematic Review of the Literature PDF
Beth Gazley
Exploring the public-third sector boundary – designing and managing a dynamic partnership for innovative services with young people PDF
Tony Bovaird, Garath Symonds
Accounting for the multiple dimensions of government / nonprofit relationships PDF
Craig Furneaux, Neal Ryan, Kerry Brown
Managing the sector boundary in co-production of public services: The importance of people, power, and process
Carol Jacklin Jarvis, Alessandro Sancino, Martino Andreani
State-Third Sector Partnerships in Brazil: an analysis from organizational/management and legal perspective
Patricia Maria Emerenciano Mendonça, Eduardo Pannunzio
Third sector-led collaborative governance: network characteristics and workforce implications
Jo Barraket, Michael Moran, Andrew Joyce

Reinventing Public and Non-Profit Governance

Quantum of Solace: Using Q methodology to expose and explore alternative positions and perceptions of the importance of board pay in the hybrid governance of housing associations PDF
Bruce Moore
Bounded rationality, negligence or corruption: The effect of emergent malfeasance in procurement practice. PDF
Ilfryn Price, John Hargreaves
Whistleblowing as a new tool of developing government agencies in Finland PDF
Ari Osmo August Salminen, Venla Mäntysalo, Lotta Pitkänen
Corporate Governance vs. New Public Governance: a case study of Board and Governor interactions within the English National Health Service
Ross Millar, Tim Freeman, Russell Mannion
Accountability and sustainability for the governance of the “in house service providing”
Pierluigi Catalfo, Marco Romano, Elita Schillaci
The end of the public paradigm? Towards a hybrid reality. PDF
Lode De Waele, Liselore Berghman, Paul Matthyssens
Just Talking about Culture Change while Creating a Customer Contact Centre Does Not Lead to Higher Citizen Ratings of Service Performance PDF
Marianne E. Gravesteijn, Celeste P.M. Wilderom
Boards of directors and managerial compensations in non-profit organization: open issues
Sonia Moi, Fabio Monteduro
Joaquim Rubens Fontes-Filho, Conrado Parreiras Leal
Behavioral dynamics in public governance: the point of view of Italian public managers
Andrea Tomo, Danila Scarozza, Alessandro Hinna, Gianluigi Mangia, Ernesto De Nito
Governance, organizational arrangements and performance of inter-municipal cooperation: lessons from a case study
Andrea Garlatti, Maurizio Massaro, Paolo Fedele, Diego Pajero
Analysing and Comparing Governance Presumptions of Alternative Organizational Forms in Public Services
Pekka Valkama, Ari-Veikko Anttiroiko, Darinka Asenova, Stephen J. Bailey
Participatory governance success based on collective identity: social network analysis PDF
Birute Mikulskiene
Citizens as self-service innovators: a new form of governing the public sector austerity?
Jari Juhani Vuori, Marika Anne Kylänen, Pauline Allen
Why cities go bankrupt? Anatomy of governance failures
Enrico Guarini, Anna De Toni, Cinzia Vallone, Paola Orlandini
Public organizations & the selection of procurement strategies
Karen Mogendorff
Traditional Institutional Networks for Downward Accountability of NGOs: “Weapons of the weak” unexplored? PDF
Justice Nyigmah Bawole, Farhad Hossain
Redefining bounded rationality for English public and not-for-profit sport organisations
Gary Alan Evans

Rethinking the Relationship between Citizens and Public Services

The Politics of Citizen Satisfaction: Quasi-Experimental Evidence of the Partisan-Bias and its Boundary Conditions
Sebastian Jilke
Semi-Autonomous Service Providers and Citizen Satisfaction PDF
Sjors Overman
Local Government Legitimacy in Sweden; in the light of citizen's general perceptions of local, public services
Katarina Roos
Improving the quality of life of younger and older generations in Germany through co-production: a quantitative and qualitative study of the levels, drivers and barriers. PDF
Elke Loeffler, Tony Bovaird, Gregg Van Ryzin, Peter Timm-Arnold
The impact of parents’ voice and exit strategies on their children’s school achievements and inequality thereof PDF Untitled
Peter Mascini, Sjaak Braster
Compliance and Citizen Perceptions of Procedural Fairness: Evidence from Bangladesh
Shahidul Hassan, Deneen M. Hatmaker, Kim A. Young
Anna-Aurora Kork, Kristiina Engblom-Pelkkala
Citizen Engagement and Public Service Expectations in Local Health Care PDF
Marie Østergaard Møller
Ian Hodgkinson, Zoe Radnor
Motivated Reasoning about Public Service Performance: An Experimental Study of How Citizens Interpret Obamacare Performance Reports
Oliver James, Gregg Van Ryzin
Looking after consumers’ right to information – The role of water invoices PDF
Rita Martins, Patrícia Moura e Sá
A New Approach to Measuring the Rule of Law PDF
Ruth Dixon, Christopher Hood

Self-Organizing Citizens in the 21th Century: New Citizen Collectives and their Implications for Public Management

New citizen collectives and their implications for public management
Joop Koppenjan, Robyn Keast, Ingmar van Meerkerk
Policy learning in co-creation processes: An international comparison
William Voorberg
Helping the local state to help us all: co-producing a sustainability implementation plan in Manchester, UK PDF
Marc Hudson, Marc Hudson
Bonding and Bridging Networks: The Impacts of Neighborhood Councils on the Local Governance Process in Los Angeles PDF
Darlesh Ka'mura Horn
Inside virtual communities: performance of citizen collectiveness by means of collective intelligence using system dynamics approach PDF
Birute Mikulskiene
New Leisure Class in Urban Regeneration Initiatives PDF
Piret Tõnurist, Veiko Lember, Rainer Kattel
Adaptive Capacity and Self-Organising Citizens under Conditions of Austerity
Subas Dhakal, Robyn Keast, Kerry Ann Brown
New citizen collectives, their democratic potential and their implications for public management PDF
Ingmar van Meerkerk, Joop Koppenjan, Robyn Keast

Reinvention, Revolution, or Retrenchment? Social Enterprise and Public Management

Public Sector Spin Outs in England: Policy Motivations, Context and Outcomes
Kelly Joanna Hall
Do social enterprises provide improved outcomes in comparison with private for profit and public providers in health and social care systems?
Francesca Calo, Cam Donaldson, Simone Baglioni, Simon Teasdale
Food aid and nonprofit models: insights from Germany and Italy
tatiana tallarico, Benedetta De Pieri, Simone Baglioni
Dual Roles of Social Entrepreneurship in China's Social Transition: A Case Study in New Countryside Construction
Yuanfeng ZHANG, Lijiang ZHAO, Jiali ZHANG

A Public Service-Dominant Logic for Public Management: What role for Co-Production?

Understanding the role of co-production in outcome-based contracting through a public service-dominant logic PDF
Michelle Catherine Farr
Co-Production: Towards a More Precise Definition for Research PDF
Taco Brandsen, Marlies Honingh
Why do public service fail? A service logic study of failure demand PDF
Martin Fransson, Per Skålén, Johan Quist
“We are an asset, not a burden” – A Scottish Case Study on Co-Production with Vulnerable Service User Groups
Sophie Flemig, Stephen P Osborne
Co-production and the design of community health and social care services for older people in Scotland
Katharine Aulton
How many cooks? A netnographic investigation into co-production in New Zealand
Michael James Macaulay
Co-production, publicness and social exchange: Extending public service-dominant logic PDF
John Alford
Co-Contamination as the Dark Side of Co-Production: A Review of Cases and Challenges with Resulting Implications for Public Management PDF
Brian N. Williams, Seong Kang, Japera Johnson
Too Much of a Good Thing? Frequent Flyers and the Implications for the Coproduction of Public Service Delivery
Benjamin Y Clark, Jeffrey L. Brudney
Strategic orientation in public services delivery: the missing link in effective public services delivery?
Maria Cucciniello, Greta Nasi, Stephen Osborne
Public services as services: Implications for co-production PDF
Owen E Hughes
Professionals’ Openness Towards Processes Of Co-Production: A quantitative study on managers’ perceptions about client councils in health care organizations PDF
Carola Van Eijk, Trui Steen
Public services professionalism reborn: toward a service-dominant conception
Stephen P Osborne, Zoe Radnor
The dangers of co-production between citizenship and consumerism: a case study of undergraduate students in UK higher education
Diana Silvia Stirbu, Adina Iulia Dudau

Special Interest Group in Healthcare Management (SIG-HCM)

Designing a quality management framework for effective public service healthcare
Gillian Wright, Margaret Hyde, Anthony Hines
Supporting collaboration in healthcare. The case of public health services in schools in Québec
Viola Burau, Carole Clavier
Comparative analysis of Medical Health Centers
Vera Koltai, Viktória Bodnár, Peter Kadar Csoboth, Gyorgy Drotos
The (Under-managed) Managed Professional Organisation: The Case of Public Hospitals in the English National Health Service
Gianluca Veronesi, Ian Kirkpatrick, Ali Altanlar
Governance and the policy dilemmas of health care integration: a systematic review
James Andrew Gillespie, Stefano Calciolari, Carmen Huckel-Schneider
Trade union or trait d’union? Setting targets for general practitioners: a regional case study PDF
Sara Barsanti, Manila Bonciani, Luca Pirisi, Laura d'Amato, Federico Vola

Meeting Global Challenges in Education: Do We Have the Talent Pipeline in Education to Navigate the Perfect Storm?

Meeting arising challenges in higher education: collaborative leadership and value co-creation
Melinda Szocs

Accountability in the Health Care Sector: Beyond the Blame Game

Stakeholder Accountability of Austrian and German Statutory Health Insurances PDF
Dorothea Greiling, Eveline Haeusler
What does ‘market accountability’ to public governance? Lessons from the re-organized German hospital sector PDF
Ingo Bode, Johannes Lange, Markus Märker
Intellectual capital evaluation in a health care organization. A case study PDF
Andrea Garlatti, Maurizio Massaro, Valentina Bruni

Shaping a Sustainable Future by Regulation

Water affordability - Is this an issue for regulators in developed countries?
Rita Martins, Luis Cruz, Eduardo Barata
Sustainability through Regulation: A Network Analysis in the German Wine Industry
Katharina Spraul, Annegret Daßdorf
Integrating Climate Policy into Forestry Policy: A Study of Policy Making within Ministry of Forestry of Indonesia PDF
Yogi Suwarno
Public–private partnerships as a governance mode for sustainability
Katharina Spraul, Julia Thaler
Conflicting directives for sustainable rural development?
Lisa Hansson
Sustainability, Risks, Conflicts, Accountability and Governance: Insights from dynamic arena analysis . PDF
Ian Thomson
Sustainable development as a 'buzzword' in political agendas – evaluating national strategies of the Government of Republic of Serbia
Tatjana Jovanic

Re-introducing the 'Hard Sectors' of Public Service Delivery: Implications for Governance and Accountability

High-speed rail: is competition in the market sustainable? An Italian case PDF
Alessia Patuelli
Sebastian Lopez Azumendi, Luis Alberto Andres
Change in governance approaches in the electricity sectors of Denmark, Norway and the UK.
Tor Håkon Jackson Inderberg
Governance solutions and accountability adaptation: Insights from the water and transport sectors PDF
Eva Lieberherr, Merethe Leiren, Lisa Hansson
Urban water sector characteristics: Implications for long-term planning and policy making PDF () PDF
Lea Fuenfschilling, Eva Lieberherr
Securing investments into the liberalizing network industries: can regulation deliver?
Matthias Finger

Expertise and Evidence in Public Policy

Revolving doors: The externalization and politicization of policy advice in the Netherlands
Caspar Van Den Berg, Carola Van Eijk, Arjen Schmidt
Neutral or biased?: Rethinking the role of "councils" in Japanese Ministerial decision-making
Hiroko Kudo
Patent Systems & Expertise: A Comparative Analysis of Strategies Employed by Patent Courts in Europe, the US and Japan Mobilizing Scientific Expertise and Evidence
Esther van Zimmeren
Is expertise and evidence in public policy authoritative basis for legitimate decision making in Southern Africa?
Chrispen Chiome
Learning the Ropes of Government: Reflections from ‘Old Hands’ and ‘New Players’ PDF
Damon Alexander, Jenny M. Lewis, Mark Considine
Do policy officials believe in evidence-informed policy? PDF
Brian Head
Do policymakers learn from past policy evidence and experiences? The implementation of the European liberalization policy process in the Belgian rail and electricity sectors PDF
Stephane Moyson
Evidence in Policy and Programs: Supporting critical thinking within the development process. PDF
Peter Orpin, Kim Boyer, Matthew Carroll, Winifred van der Ploeg, Judi Walker
Communicating Evidence toward Policy Change: An intervention Approach to Address the Science to Service Gap
Kimberley Isett, Nassim JafariNaimi
Evidence-based policy and the regulation of e-cigarettes in Canada and Australia PDF
Joshua Newman

Research and Practice: Reinventing the Space Between (SIG on CPMRPIO)

Walking the talk: lessons from a long-running cross-sectoral research-policy-practice partnership
Gemma Carey, Landvogt Kathy
Constraints to Applying Policy Theory to Practice: A case study of structural constraints in Australia PDF
Neal Ryan, Dale Putland
A UK Civil Service Perspective on Accessing, Utilizing and Valuing Academic Research:
Carole Talbot
Great Expectations: Understanding the Gap Between Practitioner Necessity and Academic Delivery in Understanding Public Sector Reform Untitled
Dion Curry
Reintroducing governance to public management - current pratice in the development of governance capability and the links to current research
Christine Flynn
Governance as Facilitating Engagement: Use of knowledge processes as engagement tools PDF
Fayyaz Baqir
The Steinbeis-Model of Technology Transfer Governance PDF
Michael Ortiz
The Space between Research and Practice in Policing: Black Holes, Stars and Life on Mars. PDF
Linda Ann Reid
Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service: a case study in governance and accountability
Julian Clarke
Building the Evidence-Base for Individual and Organisational Change through Action Learning: The Case of Public Sector Leadership and Management Development in the UK
Dr Alyson Clare Nicholds, Chandana Sanyal, Chris Rigby, Mary Hartog
Negotiating spaces for innovation in a context of austerity : Working with practitioners and policy makers
John Diamond
In the Borderlands: A new Curriculum PDF
Phillip Bonser, Garth Britton
‘Mode 2’ knowledge production in the space between research and practice PDF
Hans Bosselaar, Judtih van der Veer

Policy as Translation: The Relevance, Use and Impact of Academic Research for Public Policy I

Translation across borders: a co-produced exploration of translation in UK public policy
Catherine Durose, Stephen Connelly, Peter Matthews, Liz Richardson, Robert Rutherfoord, Dave Vanderhoven
Academics understanding themselves as translators
Peter Matthews
Academic knowledge in the policy process: between strategic currency and political hindrance
Veronica Junjan, Caspar Van Den Berg, Rene Torenvlied
From Best Practices to Actual Practices: understanding how evidence-based policy advice is utilised.
Donatella Cavagnoli, Brad Jackson, Karl Lofgren
Providing a Better Fit: Policy experts as translators of NPM ideas in Swedish Health Care
Paula Blomqvist
Translation and Reputation: Competing Approaches for Defining Technical Conflict
Steven Robert Putansu

Public Accounting and Accountability: Obfuscation or Transparency?

Eugenio Anessi-Pessina, Elena Cantu'
Theoretical and practical issues for the governance of the future European public accounting standards. PDF Untitled Untitled ()
Giovanna Dabbicco
The presence of public interest in public sector accounting standard setting PDF
Giuseppe Grossi, Renata Stenka
Transparency lost? Full cost accounting reporting in the Swedish municipal solid waste business PDF
Mattias Haraldsson
Local Public Enterprises and Debt Limitations: Evidence from the Italian Context
Silvia Pazzi
PPP equity sales – accounting for profiteering? PDF
Dexter Whitfield, Stewart Smyth
School Business: the Academies Programme PDF
Anne Stafford, Pamela Stapleton
Re-Invention by public sector accounting research? - Stepping back when going forward
Hans-Juergen Bruns, Mark Christensen, Alan Pilkington
Sense and sensibility: legitimating accounting change in the UK central government PDF
Mariannunziata Liguori, Noel Hyndman
Supreme Audit Institutions’ role in fighting corruption - A comparative study between the Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Spanish and Ugandian SAIs PDF
Kristin Reichborn-Kjennerud
Context-specific responses to the financial crisis - a comparative study of financial risk management in Austrian and U.S. local governments
Sanja Korac, Iris Saliterer
Bouncing back and bouncing forward – European municipalities’ responses to financial shocks from a comparative perspective
Iris Saliterer, Ileana Steccolini, Martin Jones, Carmela Barbera, Sanja Korac
Fighting Corruption Inside the Public Administration: The Results of Training Servants to Conduct Disciplinary Investigations
Temístocles Murilo Oliveira Júnior, Joel de Lima Pereira Castro Júnior, Francisco Belmiro Werneck Magalhães
A Review of Performance Audit Literature PDF
Marie-Soleil Tremblay

Performance Measurement of Hybrid Governance in the Age of Austerity (SIG on Accounting and Accountability)

Public and private sector performance management: commonalities and differences. Results from a literature review PDF
Christoph Reichard, Gerrit Jan Helden, van
Key dilemmas of performance measurement in the context of Finnish higher education – an empirical case study PDF
Kirsi-Mari Kallio, Päivikki Kuoppakangas
On the Complexity of Being a Principal - Emerging identities and performance in a new work reality PDF
Sören Augustinsson, Ulf Ericsson, Marie-Louise Österlind, Carin Linander, Daniella Argento, Maria Melen, Eva Lövstål
Public and private in collision? Measuring and managing hybrid forms of governance in Finnish health care policy PDF
Päivi Marjukka Husman, Jarmo Vakkuri, Jan-Erik Johanson
What Time for management accounting systems in public networks? The case of the Women Protenction in Italy and Child Safeguard in England
Mariafrancesca Sicilia, Georgios Kominis, Gaia Bassani
Hybrid adult social care provision in England: the role and use of management accounting systems PDF
Enrico Bracci, Danny Chow
Design of Performance Measurement Systems in Austrian Non-profit Healthcare and Social Service Providers - Fruitful collaboration or uncoordinated imposition? PDF
Sandra Stoetzer
Individualisation, accounting and performance management in the public sector - Improving the performance of the ‘makeable’ employee PDF
Henk ter Bogt
The Study of the Introduction of Managerialism in the Government of the Portuguese NHS PDF
Maria Major
Efficiency of Public Primary Health Care in Brazilian Municipalities 2010-2011.
Fernanda Filgueiras Sauerbronn, Marcelo Alvaro Macedo
Measuring public sector performance – A conceptual discussion based on examples from public transport and fire and rescue services
Johan Holmgren, Åsa Weinholt
Challenges of public procurement – measuring processes or the outcome PDF
Mervi Vähätalo, Tomi Kallio
Turning Around (Again?): Lessons from the Experiences of Poorly Performing Local Authorities PDF
Martin David Singh Jones, Pete Murphy
Insights into Performance-Based Budgeting: A literature review and a research agenda PDF
Sara Giovanna Mauro, Lino Cinquini, Giuseppe Grossi
Do different purposes of performance information matter in explaining their intensity of use? Evidence from an experiment with local government managers
Mariafrancesca Sicilia, ileana Steccolini, Nicola Bellé

Re-inventing Public Service Funding and Forms

Changing organisational form to match changing expectations
Pauline Jas
The reality of co-production: a case study of a deprived area Untitled
Simon Roberts, Bruce Stafford
Social Investment for Welfare Services - The Apogee of Marketization or the Salvation of Social and Public Value?
Barbara Ann Chantal Allen

Innovative Financial Instruments Reinventing the Public Sector: Strategic Trends and Development in Government

Bond Issues and Investments in Public Sector: the Italian case PDF
Paolo Esposito, Paolo Ricci, Fabio Michele Amatucci
Monitoring and evaluation of Science, Technology and Innovation projects as a mechanism for promoting transparency and impact of public funding in Brazil: methodology proposed to the Foundation for Research Support of the State of Santa Catarina - FAPESC PDF
Micheline Gaia Hoffmann, Valerio Turnes, Larice Steffen Peters, Ernesto Fernando Vicente
Complementary Currencies in Public Sector Organizations
Alessandro Spano

Budget Reforms and Cutback Management in the Wake of the Financial Crisis

Organizational Change and Cutback Management: Two Sides of the Same Coin? PDF
Eduard Schmidt, Sandra Groeneveld, Stevan Van de Walle
Austerity ideas and discourse. Understanding the political dimension of municipal fiscal stress management
JFA (Tom) Overmans
Strategic financial leadership in a time of austerity: the UK National Health Service perspective
Donald Harradine, Peter Murphy, Malcolm Prowle
The re-organisation of financial management in Danish municipalities after the crisis PDF
Eva Moll Sørensen, Søren Kjær Foged
Cutback Management: Implementation of Cutbacks in Central Government in Denmark PDF
Hanne Foss Hansen, Mads Bøge Kristiansen
The Impact of Fiscal Crisis on the Importance of Performance Information in the Decision-Making Processes of European Governments PDF
James Douglas, Ringa Raudla, Tiina Randma-Liiv, Riin Savi
Patrizio Monfardini, Pasquale Ruggiero
Grant Funding Mechanisms under Fiscal Pressure: An English-German Comparison PDF
Dennis De Widt

Managing the digital future: transforming Public Governance and Public Management through digital technology?

The good, the bad and the ugly: Innovation, Transformation and Modernization of Public Organizations through E-Government
Esther Ruiz Ben, Tino Schuppan
Technological innovation projects: The role of management and network governance in e-government interoperability
Mila Gascó, Vicenta Sierra
Administrative dilemmas in contemporary context: the case of shared corporate services
Thomas Elston
Intermediaries for better public service delivery: Does ICT matter? PDF
Benedikt Paulowitsch, Stephan Löbel, Tino Schuppan
Reconceptualising Evidence-Based Social Policy in the Age of Big Data: Implications for Public Administration Theory and Practice
Miriam Lips, James Mansell
Challenges to the Introduction of e-Participation and Digital Democracy in Switzerland: A Cultural Perspective PDF
Tereza Cahlikova
Digital Participatory Democracy in Brazil: Project and Reality
Christiana Soares de Freitas
E-participation and web pages of Czech statutory cities PDF
David Spacek
Perceptions of influence: to what extent do public managers take note of social influence scores when responding to complaints on Twitter? PDF Untitled () Untitled ()
Stephen Jeffares
A Comparative the Growth of Civic Technology and Open Government
John Glenn McNutt, Jonathan Burton Justice, James M Melitski, Micheal J, Ahn, Shariq R. Siddiqui, David T. Carter, Angela D Kline
The Impact of Civic Technology in Government: A Paradigm Shift or Another Passing Technology?
Michael J. Ahn, Tanya Stepasiuk

Transparency and Open Government

Transparency, accountability and corruption: The state of the art in the public sector PDF
Mauricio Vasconcellos Leao Lyrio, Rogerio Joao Lunkes, Emma Teresa Castello Taliani
Ambiguous Accountability: The In-Between World of Public-Private Partnerships in India
Prashant Sharma
What factors influence transparency in public organizations? Examining the influence of e-government and other factors PDF
Jesse Campbell
Creating a Transparency Continuum Using an Evaluative Approach: Bridging Policy and Management
Daniel J. Caron, Robert P. Shepherd
Susana Jorge, Rui Lourenço, Helena Rolas
Political and Socioeconomics Constrains to Information Transparency in Spanish Local Governments
Joaquim Filipe Ferraz Esteves Araujo, Francisca Tejedo-Romero
Welles Matias de Abreu, Ricardo Correa Gomes, Nathan Gilbert Viets
One country, two models of oversight of Information and Privacy rights: Comparing the Federal and the Ontario Information and Privacy Commissioners
Irma Spahiu

Special Interest Group on Innovation and Change in Public Services

Innovation and Creativity in the Public Sector: Institutional Impediments?
Kerry Brown, Neal Ryan
Uncovering Relationships between Management Innovation and Service Innovation, Time Lags and Performance
Chan Su Jung, Richard M. Walker, Maria Cucciniello
Explaining the outcomes of co-creation processes within the European Union: A comparative case-study
William Voorberg
The blame games of innovators
Krista Timeus
Institutional Innovations for Public Service Performance: A Comparative Qualitative Analysis of Police Service in OECD Countries PDF
Heungsuk Choi
Determinants and Barriers of Adoption, Diffusion and Upscaling of ICT-driven Social Innovation in the Public Sector: A Comparative Empirical Analysis
Greta Nasi, Valentina Mele, Giovanni Valotti, Raffaele Bazurli
The diffusion and adoption of public sector innovations: A meta-review of the literature
Hanna de Vries, Victor Bekkers, Lars Tummers
Maria de Lurdes Barroso, Maria do Céu Alves, Agostinha Patrícia Gomes
Lessons in international diffusion: transferring innovation from one country to another
Louise Brown
Outcomes, Enablers and Barriers of Service Innovations in Public Cultural Institutions PDF
Mateusz Lewandowski

Public-Private Partnerships: Governing Infrastructure Contracts for the Long Term

PPP equity sales – extending financialization Untitled () PDF
Stewart Smyth, Dexter Whitfield
The burdensome implementation of PPP contracts in the healthcare sector: lessons from Italy
Veronica Vecchi, Mark Hellowell
The impact of contract characteristics on performance of Public Private Partnerships; PDF
Erik Hans Klijn, Joop Koppenjan
The Public-Private Partnership Logic PDF
Carsten Greve, Graeme Hodge
Critical Success Factors for Public-Private Partnerships (PPP): Lessons from Unsustainable PPP Toll Projects in China
Yin Wang
Examining governance mechanisms at PPP project level: implications for public accountability PDF
Jean Shaoul, Anne Stafford, Pamela Stapleton
Governing public-private partnerships for innovation and sustainability: An analysis of procurement and governance practices of Flemish PPP-projects PDF
Marlies Hueskes, Koen Verhoest

Working with the Private Sector: Externalisation and Public Procurement

Fulfilling the potential of sustainable procurement: examining the role of behaviour, commitment to change and knowledge in determining the degree of sustainable procurement PDF
Jolien Grandia
About the New Approach to the Anti-corruption Expertise of Legal Regulation: Public Procurement Case PDF
Andrei Ivanov
SME Engagement with Public Procurement: analysing gaps between policy and practice PDF
Kim Loader
Competitiveness in public procurement and its impact on results: evidence from the Czech and Slovak Republic
Juraj Nemec, Jan Pavel, Matus Grega
Rationalities and Success in Public Private Innovation PDF
Anne Abildgaard
Would the Externalisation to Private enterprise of aspects of the Fire and Rescue Service sacrifice Quality for Austerity? PDF PDF
Clive Stanbrook
Warren J Staples
Measuring effects of public procurement of innovation PDF
Max Rolfstam

Corporate Forms in Local Government: Quangos, Companies and Intermunicipal Cooperation

Andrea Emanuele Mazzillo
Enterprising municipalities: a historical perspective on corporate forms in English municipalities PDF
Chris Skelcher
A study of corporative forms and their performance in local governments in Denmark: The case of technical service departments PDF
Andrej Christian Lindholst
Local Authorities as Social Enterprise Incubators
Nina Boeger
The productivity of Portuguese local water utilities: The effects of different management reforms
Francisco Silva Pinto, Rui Cunha Marques
Waste management through public, private and hybrid arrangements in Italian metropolitan cities: an analysis of the public value created
Lucio Spiridione Dicorato, Filippo Giordano
The meaning of institutional logics for the shaping and practicing of roles of boards and board members in municipal companies PDF
Turid Moldenæs, Trude Høgvold Olsen, Elsa Solstad, Harald Torsteinsen
Representation of Women in the Top-Management Board of Local Corporations in Germany and the Netherlands: Determinants and Regulation Approaches PDF
Ulf Papenfuβ, Marieke van Genugten, Johan De Kruif, Sandra Van Thiel
Exploring Control Patterns in Public Enterprise Relationships PDF
Tobias Krause
The serendipity of fragmentation: Bringing organization back into public governance PDF
Stephan Leixnering, Renate E. Meyer

Regulation, Governance and Public Management Experiments in Developing Countries and Emerging Economies

Citizen's Charter in Local Government: An Experiment in Bangladesh PDF
Ahmed Shafiqul Huque, Kamrul Ahsan
Community Governance + local capacity building = community empowerment. How resilient communities in post conflict countries achieve an inclusive and sustainable development. A comparison analysis of post-conflict Croatia, Serbia and Kosovo. PDF
Alessandra Ricciardelli, Francesco Manfredi
Planning, Accountability and Local Governance: the implementation of the Plan of Goals in a Brazilian City PDF
Elaine Cristina de Oliveira Menezes, Paula Chies Schommer, Arlindo Carvalho Rocha, Valerio Alecio Turnes, Maria Rodrigues Alves
Experimenting with Decentralization and Citizen Empowerment in a Bureaucratic State: The Crisis of Industrial Restructuring in Botswana PDF
Charles Conteh
An Exploratory Analysis of Regulatory Implications of Governance and State Dynamics: Reflections on Developing Countries PDF
Abu Elias Sarker, Saba Khalid
Rethinking the governance design – Design Thinking applied to governance PDF PDF
Humberto Falcão Martins
Vishnu Juwono
The Right to Information and the Performance Legitimacy of Post-Conflict States: A Potential for Legitimization?
Ruby Dagher
Süleyman Sözen
Who Guards the Guardians?: Governance and Regulation of NGOs in Bangladesh
Noore Alam Siddiquee
Oil and Development in Developing Countries: Promoting Social Accountability in Ghana's Oil Sector PDF
Frank Ohemeng, Augustina Adusah-Karikari
AUTONOMY AND GOVERNANCE MECHANISMS: An investigation in a Taiwan sample
Kuo-Tai Cheng
From Bureaucracy to (Mandated) Networks: A New Approach to Solve the Illicit Opium Poppy Cultivation in Thailand PDF
Patamawadee Jongruck
Regulation and Governance in Developing and Emerging Economies: The Experience of Bangladesh Telecommunication Industry PDF
Quamrul Alam, Julian Teicher
The Performance Audit Movement: The Experience of Bangladesh
Rizwan Khair, Asif M Shahan
Regional Synchrony in Sustainable Development: Harmonising Regulatory Policies in Environmental Conservation in South Asia PDF
Habib Zafarullah, Ahmed Shafiqul Huque

Beyond Good Governance and NPM: Alternative Frameworks for Public Management in Developing/Transitioning Nations

Organizations and institutions: How do they interact in development theory and practice? PDF
Richard Alan Batley
Beyond organizational-institutional dualism in development
adrian campbell
'Practical hybridity': a new approach to more effective provision of public services? PDF Untitled
Richard Charles Crook
Community management: the limits of institutional design and collective action PDF
Eleanor Chowns
Bringing Agency Back in to Governance Reforms: The Case of the Ethiopia Commodities Exchange PDF
Jennifer M. Brinkerhoff
Beyond dichotomies: Psychological insights for the collective action vs principal-agent and NPM vs NPG debates PDF
Sumedh Rao
Fostering innovation and entrepreneurialism in public sector reform PDF
Clare Cummings
Leadership and Organisational Performances in Decentralised Local Governments—A Case Analysis from the Philippines PDF
Risako Ishii
Governance reform -- getting the fit right PDF
Brian Levy
Isomorphic mimicry or norm diffusion: can external actors engender real domestic policy change on transparency and anti-corruption? PDF
Sabina Schnell
Systems Thinking and Institutional Performance: Retrospect and Prospect on USAID Policy and Practice PDF
Derick W. Brinkerhoff
(When) does governance matter? An analysis of the ‘fit’ of governance modes to partnership-level conditions
Anne Ellersiek
Accounting and Accountability: The Political Effects of Technical Reforms in Brazil PDF
Andre Carlos Busanelli de Aquino, Richard Alan Batley
Decentralized Public Management: Crafting Improved Analysis to Facilitate Better Performance PDF
Paul Smoke
Citizen participation and state accountability for public service delivery in India: A spectrum of approaches
Harry Wallace Blair
Public Sector Development in low income environments – from form to function to sustainable solutions PDF
Verena Fritz
Might Client-Patron Relationships represent actual Solutions to the Principal-Agent ‘Problem’?
Ruby Dagher

Trust-based Management in the Public Sector

Trust in regulatory regimes PDF
Frédérique Six
Public Trust in Local Government in China: Empirical Study of Government Officials
Huaxing Liu
The impact of different types of trust on performance in inter-organizational collaboration – The case of Robotdalen PDF
Linda Höglund, Maria Mårtensson, Aswo safari
Parliaments, citizens and new technologies: promoting accountability or seeking legitimacy?
Mauro Romanelli
Target costing as an instrument of trustworthiness based management in Territorial Self Government Units
Artur Jacek Kozuch, Jan Žukovskis
Possible Relations Between Effectiveness of Public Organizations and Public Trust PDF
Mateusz Lewandowski
Barbara Kożuch, Katarzyna Sienkiewicz-Małyjurek
Architecture of collaboration: What do network leaders need to know? PDF PDF
Aldona Frączkiewicz-Wronka, Agata Austen, Izabela Marzec
The double governance challenge of managing inspectors: a complementary role for trust and control? PDF
Anne Francisca Alberta Tiemstra-Bogaerts

Network Studies 2.0: Complexity and Networks

The challenges of facilitation changeover: Trust renewal mechanisms in innovation networks PDF
Sarah Giest
A Dynamic Network Analysis of a large scale disruption in the Dutch railway system PDF
Danny Schipper
Understanding Leadership in Public Collaborative Contexts PDF
Siv Vangen
Investigating the Relationship of Network Governance Centralisation and Network Complexity – The Case of Interoperability in Government Information Networks PDF
Florian Henning
The Craft of Collaborative Practice in an Interdisciplinary Healthcare Setting
Peter Tsasis
Challenges of Interactive Public Governance in Contexts with Low Collaborative Tradition: the relevance of meta-governance strategies for the coordination of inter-organizational networks within an Adult Education Policy in Portugal
Luis Filipe Mota, Maria Engrácia Cardim
Framing effects in managing networks: Cognitive perspectives on effective self-organization PDF
Michèle Morner, Manuel Misgeld
Modes of network governance: where they come and where they go
Daniela Cristofoli, Laura Maccio'
Network performance determinants: a Qualitative Comparative Analysis of UNESCO World Heritage Sites PDF
Marianna Elmi, Denita Cepiku, Filippo Giordano

Institutional Change Theory as a Theoretical Framework to Study Public Management

Institutional Change through Institutionalization: An Analytical Model PDF
Luciana Miranda Gomes, Paulo Calmon
Gradual and transformative institutional change: stakeholders and advocacy coalitions endeavour
Diego Mota Vieira
The breakdown of governance network. The case of regional councils in Norway.
Barbara Zyzak
A never-ending process of Europeanization: exploring the impact of new Europe-wide institutions on fiscal and financial bureaucracy in Latvia PDF
Aleksandrs Cepilovs
A twenty-five year old challenge and perspective: the study of the policy change in Advocacy Coalition Framework PDF
Ana Niedhardt Capella, Alessandra Guimarães Soares, Renan Prado Alves

Complexity Theory in Public Administration: Theory and Practice

What kind of insights do Fitness Landscape Models provide for theory and practice in public administration?
Mary Lee Rhodes
Local public services in a context of transformation: using assemblage theory to map contemporary movements in policies, institutions, practices and relationships PDF
Deborah Youdell, Ian McGimpsey, James Rees, Jerry Tew
Visualizing actor-movement in decision-making on the high-speed railway in the Netherlands from 1993 until 2013 PDF
Peter Marks, Lasse Gerrits
Complexity thinking in public administration theories in use PDF
Elizabeth Eppel
On complexity: Cooperation, Collaboration, and Coordination (CCC) in between organizations – different dilemmas and paradoxes PDF
Sören Augustinsson
Constructing Resilience in Complex Metropolitan Systems – Metropolitan Water Management as Complex Adaptive System PDF
Jack W Meek
Failure or success? A complexity perspective into an organizational innovation blockage PDF
Alisa Puustinen, Hanna Lehtimäki
Complexity and Institutions: towards a practical understanding of risk, innovations and strategy PDF
Garth Britton
Co-producing safer communities: developing complex locally identified solutions and practices in intensive police/community engagement PDF
Timothy Curtis, Richard James
Teaching complexity to public administrators
Mary Lee Rhodes, Elizabeth Eppel, David Coghlan

Scale and Performance: What size is "just right" for Public Service Organisations?

Is Small Beautiful? Delivering Social Care through Micro-Enterprises
Catherine Needham, Kerry Allen, Kelly Hall
Small is beautiful, yet fragile? Building capabilities in grassroots voluntary and community organisations
Rob Macmillan
Beyond the optimal scale: the social production of scale in public services
Jeroen Postma
Does co-creation lead to smaller governments? PDF
Veiko Lember, Rainer Kattel, Piret Tõnurist

Special Interest Group for the Public Management Research Association

Bureaucratic Behavior in the Political View and Accountability Nexus
Sangyub Ryu, Yongjin Chang
An Experimental Study on the External Control Model of Red Tape
Wesley Kaufmann, Barry Bozeman
Edmund C. Stazyk, Michael S. Hayes
Collaborative Advantage as a Source of Public Value: The Contributions of Visual Strategy Mapping PDF
John M. Bryson, Colin Eden, Fran Ackermann
Investigating Antecedents and Modifiers of Program Goal Ambiguity
Chan Su Jung

Open Panel

Governance, institutions and co-production: Understanding contextual differences between England and France
Caitlin McMullin
The Political Economy of the Consumer-Led Recession: The Increasing Role of Consumer Bankruptcy in Housing Market Stabilization and Implications to US Economic Recovery
Robert D Manning, Anita C. Butera
José L. Zafra-Gómez, Ana M. Plata-Díaz, Danny Chow, Emilio De la Higuera
The experimental nature of co-production and its implications for co-productive policy initiatives PDF
Dawid Szescilo, Martin Bartenberger
Developing E-Governance Using Mobile Social Media
Alex Ingrams
Implementing an innovation: the role of midlevel bureaucracy in contemporary complex policies PDF
Gabriela Spanghero Lotta, Vanessa Elias Oliveira
The influence of Absorptive capacity and Organizational design dimensions on radical innovation in local governments
Maria J. Oltra, Marisa Flor
Making Hospitals Governable. How Rankings are Transforming Hospital Organizations PDF
Roland Bal, Julia Quartz, Iris Wallenburg
Emotions during forced succession at the Top in the public sector: the case of NHS Foundation Trust
Humera Manzoor
Governing the English NHS - the role and contribution of NEDs and Chairs PDF
Joy Tweed
Word-of-mouth in the healthcare sector – a comprehensive literature analysis of the current state of research and future perspectives
Sebastian Martin
Whistleblowing and the NHS: The Institutional Dynamics of Blame and the Escalation of an Alternative Strategy?
Sarah Geraldine Louise Cooper
Towards a model of public management reforms in developing countries: The case of health sector reforms in Punjab, Pakistan.
Yaamina Salman
30 years of studies on the transparency, accountability and corruption: Lessons learned and opportunities for future research PDF
Mauricio Vasconcellos Leao Lyrio, Rogerio Joao Lunkes, Emma Teresa Castello Taliani
Anti-corruption institutions in Italy: roles, overlaps and consequences
Enrico Bracci, Ileana Steccolini
Multi-Dimensional Autonomy. Net Effects of Governmental Steering of State Agencies in Sweden 2003–2013 PDF
Shirin Ahlbäck Öberg, Helena Wockelberg
Smartness Dimensions of Public Governance: the Case Study of Government Priorities as a Tool for Engaging Strategic Leadership PDF
Egle Gaule, Jurgita Siugzdiniene
What "Develops" in Public-Service Leader Development? Using Transformative Action Learning to Reframe Leader Education at the National University of Public Service PDF
Robert Kramer, Agnes Jenei
Leadership And Leadership Development In Post-Conflict Contexts And Cultures
John Benington, Loua Khalil
Yvon Dufour, Peter Steane
The environment of accountability and its role on organizational performance - The case of the Swiss public employment service PDF
Raphael Zumofen
Decentralization and performance in delivering public services: evidence on public education in Italy PDF
Angelo Paletta, Babak Jahanshahi
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