UK Visa Requirements for IRSPM2015


1.      Do I need a visa to attend IRSPM 2015?
Citizens of EEA countries or Switzerland do not need a visa.
Non-EEA/Swiss nationals will need either:

  1. A prior entry clearance visa before travelling or
  2. For certain nationals, an entry stamp in their passport when they arrive in the UK

2.      I am not a national of an EEA country or Switzerland.  Do I need to obtain a visa before I travel to the UK?

The Home Office document Appendix 1 lists all those nationals who need to obtain a visa before they to travel to the UK.  The University can provide you with a letter to help you make your application.  Please see Section 4 for details of how to obtain your letter.

You need to apply for a Business Visitor Visa to attend IRSPM2015 and make an application stating you wish to attend this conference.  Details about the Business Visitor Visa can be found at the link above.


3.      My country is not listed in Appendix 1.  What do I need to do?

If you are not a national of a country listed in Appendix 1 then you do not need to apply for a visa before travelling to the UK – you can if you want to, but for the purposes of attending IRSPM2015 you are not required to.  However, you are still subject to immigration control when you enter the UK so you must ensure that you show the Immigration Officer your letter from the University and ask for entry as a business visitor.  See Section 4 for details of how to obtain your letter and the type of visa/entry stamp you need.

When you arrive in the UK the Immigration Control Officer will ask you the purpose of your visit and you must tell them that it is to attend a conference at the University of Birmingham and show them our visa support letter and ask for entry as a Business Visitor.   If the Immigration Officer is satisfied that you meet the Business Visitor requirements you will be approved entry to the UK as a Business Visitor.


4.      How can I obtain a visa support letter/letter for Immigration Control?

All delegates who are non-EEA/Swiss nationals need this letter.

We need the following information from you after which you will be provided a letter to use to make your visa application before you travel or to show to the Immigration Officer when you arrive:

  1. Family Name (as shown in your passport)
  2. First Name(s)
  3. Your date of birth (as shown in your passport)
  4. Gender


You must ensure that you have the correct permissions for the purpose of attending IRSPM2015.  Please do not use a tourist visa as is not the correct visa and does not permit attendance at the conference.  The University of Birmingham is legally responsible for ensuring participants in IRSPM2015 have the correct visa, and if you fail to obtain the correct visa it may harm our ability to offer international events and recruit international students.

If you have any questions please contact the organising team on