Welcome from Erik Hans Klijn, President, IRSPM

Erik Hans KiljnI cordially welcome you to the website for the 19th Annual Conference of the International Research Society for Public Administration (IRSPM).  This year the Conference returns to Birmingham, the home of the original IRSPM gathering.  As well, Birmingham has a long history of creative and innovative public governance and management, making it a fitting home for the theme of this year's conference.

The Conference theme is: Shaping the Future - Reinvention or Revolution?  The theme refers among other things to the potential for public organisations and their partners to respond, reflect, reinvent, and revolutionise in the face of crises or various kinds - fiscal, political, environmental and cultural.

This theme offers the potential for scholars from around the world to bring and share their particular insights, and to contribute both to the scientific study of public management and the development of its policies and practices and impact on cizizens, communities, and its wider environment.

I am looking forward to participating with you in a rewarding conference.

Erik-Hans Klijn

President IRSPM